Conversational AI for eCommerce & Retail

Plantt Conversational AI solution enables Retail &
E-Commerce companies to deliver an amazing customer experience, with zero waiting time.

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Up to 80%
72 Hours
to go live
90% reduction
in response time

Conversational Commerce

It takes a lot to acquire a customer. It takes excellent customer service to keep them.  
With Plantt, you are available for your customers 24/7 and provide them with a personalized experience that generates more revenue:
Order & Delivery status
Manage subscriptions
Returns and refund policies
Missing items in the delivery
Cancel or change orders
Manage customer complaints

Built for Conversational Business

Constantly improving
Plantt keeps learning how customers interact with your business, automatically adapt to your customers’ needs.
With Plantt supporting over 26 languages, you can chat with your customers in their language of choice.
No Fancy Setup
Plantt integrates with CRMs and other business tools to provide an end-to-end experience with minimum setup.

Integrates with your business

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