Success Intelligence

Focus on the Right Customer at the Right Time

Find the customers that require your focus and attention. Plantt watches over your portfolio, search for significant signals, and helps you monitor churn rate, expansion opportunities, adoption struggles, and more.

Monitor Your Customers’ Status in Real-Time

Plantt creates smart segmentation of your customers, letting you know who’s struggling with a new feature, who might be a churn risk, relevant for an upsell, and so on.

With Plantt, you can proactively address the relevant customers and offer the appropriate solution.

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Get Your Customers’ and Accounts Stories

Plantt analyzes both usage and conversational data to give you a complete overview of your customers’ current state.

Use Plantt to identify common topics or queries, know which features are essential to the customers, and provide them with what they need to remain satisfied.

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Embrace and Achieve a Proactive Approach

Plantt helps take the guesswork out of your CSMs daily schedule.

Your team can start each day knowing which customers they need to reach out to and communicate with them on-topic, according to their personal experience.

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More ways to grow with Plantt

Relationship Intelligence

Plantt combines both usage and communication data to help your team build meaningful relationships.
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AI Companion

Plantt provides your team information to when and why it’s time to contact your customers.
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