Relationship Intelligence

Turn Customer Interactions Into Long-Lasting Relationships

Leverage conversational and usage data to understand what your customers need. Use Plantt to identify your champions, super-users and establish a strong relationship with your customers.

Monitor and Grow Relationships

Plantt evaluates and keeps track of your customer relationships’ quality, helping you reach the holy grail of becoming your customers’ trusted advisor.

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Nurture Advocates and Grow Your Champions

Identify advocates and power users inside the company, and know what they say about your product.

Plantt recognizes who on the customers’ team can help you strengthen your brand and usage.

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Understand and Meet Customers’ Demands

Your CSMs are talking with customers on a daily basis.

Plantt helps gather that conversational data, combine it with usage data and provide you with a comprehensive overview of customer demands and requirements.

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More ways to grow with Plantt

Success Intelligence

Plantt helps you monitor churn risks, identify expansion opportunities and know who your CSMs should focus on.
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AI Companion

Plantt provides your team information to when and why it’s time to contact your customers.
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