AI Companion

Know Which Customers to Focus on at the Beginning of Each Day

Plantt’s AI companion helps your CSMs prioritize their day. It alerts which customers require attention, what to follow-up on, and perform these actions and others with a single click.

Start Your Day With the Right Customer

Plantt's Slack app sends you daily reminders and alerts on which customers you should talk to today, allowing you to center on communication and tasks.

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Enrich and Nourish Relationships With Customers

Know which customers you haven’t spoken to in a while, and connect with them with just a few clicks.

With Plantt, you can email, text, or DM your customers and embrace a proactive approach.

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One Slack App to Organize Them All

Plantt Slack app provides your CSMs with data, highlights, and reminders sent to them directly inside Slack. With no need to implement code or learn new workflows.

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More ways to grow with Plantt

Success Intelligence

Plantt helps you monitor churn risks, identify expansion opportunities and know who your CSMs should focus on.
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Relationship Intelligence

Plantt combines both usage and communication data to help your team build meaningful relationships.
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