Top 32 Questions Every Customer Success Manager Should Ask

December 28, 2020

Congratulations, a new customer signed up for your services. However, this is just the beginning of their journey. You want to make sure they’re happy with your products and services, renew their contracts, and tell their friends about you. To help identify the current state of your customers, we’re providing you with the top 30 questions you need answers to, as well as the right time to ask them.


Your customer is excited to start using your product. Now is the best time to ask questions that revolve around their expectations and goals.

  1. How did you hear about us and our product?
  2. What’s the main reason that made you decide to purchase our product?
  3. Did you try any other products in the field? Did they help? What were they missing?
  4. What are some of the main challenges your team is currently facing?
  5. What challenges do you expect our product to help you solve?
  6. What are your short and long term goals regarding using our product?
  7. What are your current metrics and KPIs? How can our product help measure them?
  8. How many members of your team will be using the product?
  9. What level of service do you expect from us?
  10. What’s the one thing that was missing from other tools and services you’ve used before?

After 3 Months

Your customer has learned the ropes of your product. Now it's time to understand how they feel about the product and what can be improved.

  1. How would you rate our onboarding and training process?
  2. What changed for you and your team once you started using our product?
  3. Which feature or element best serves you and your teams at the moment?
  4. What are your main product and service-related worries or concerns?
  5. What can we do to improve your experience with the product?
  6. Which challenges are you facing right now? Can our product help resolve those?

After 6 Months

You know more about the customer, its usage history, and how often they reach out to support. It's an excellent time to understand if they're satisfied with the product and whether they're about to renew or churn.

  1. How happy are you with our product and services?
  2. What features or functionality you’re missing in our product?
  3. What can we do to serve your needs better?
  4. What’s the best feature of our product? And what’s the worst one?
  5. What can we do to improve your experience with the product?
  6. How likely are you to recommend our product and services to your friends and colleagues?

End of Contract

Based on the answers you received to the previous questions, you have a sense of whether your customer is about to renew their contract or churn. In both cases, there are a few key questions that can help you learn and improve.

  1. What’s the main reason that led you to renew/cancel your contract?
  2. What was missing in our product / what did you enjoy most?
  3. Did our product have an impact on you and your team?
  4. Did our product meet your expectations? Were your questions answered?
  5. Are you using any other tools or services in these areas that provide more value?
  6. What can we do to improve your experience with the product?
  7. What elements can help you decide to renew your contract with us in a few months?
  8. What are the things we’re doing right and should keep on doing?
  9. What can we do to improve your experience with the product?
  10. Do you have additional feedback or comments towards us?

If you and your team have different questions that helped them learn more about your customers, we'd love to hear them! Drop us a line at

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