The Story Behind Plantt; Announcing Our $1M Seed Round

September 10, 2020

Today we're excited to announce our $1M funding, which GoAhead Ventures led along with angel investors, and with the great support of Fusion LA accelerator.

This funding round will allow us to expand Plantt's abilities, helping more companies enrich and optimize their customer experience and customer success teams.

The AI-Driven Customer Experience Optimization Platform

As the world moves online faster than ever, customers demand multiple ways to interact and communicate with companies. On the other hand, companies struggle to keep up with the increasing demand, leading to longer response times, high costs, and bad customer experience.

Companies are trying to find new ways to deal with this issue, in which they can interact with their customers. The leading solution is implementing automation into Customer Experience processes, such as chatbots and AI assistants. However, current automation solutions are not good enough on their own. They often lead to frustration due to customers not getting relevant answers or the service they deserve.

We noticed it as customers ourselves - There was a dissonance between the great product that we got to average customer experience and support. Which raised the ultimate question - What's missing for us to get a great customer experience?

Searching for an answer led us to Plantt.

We founded Plantt with a goal to help optimize and enhance Customer Experience and Customer Support teams, through AI and automation. We do that by providing team, leaders and companies with much needed data, actionable insights and AI.

Analyze, Automate and Optimize with Plantt

The first step of the process is looking at the existing communication to understand how customers interact with the company and how representatives solve the different issues. We help identify bottlenecks and recurring problems the customers are asking about.

Once we’ve identified the bottlenecks, Plantt offers clear insights into what processes and questions should be addressed as part of the automation. And of course, Plantt offers the conversational design and feedback needed to solve customers' issues, making sure no question goes unanswered.

We built a platform that does not require dev teams or an elaborate decision tree to set up. Instead, we do all of the “heavy-lifting” and create a tailor-made experience for each customer and query. And the best part, Plantt is a learning platform that evolves over time, to answer new issues, questions and queries as they arise.

These capabilities allow organizations to dramatically reduce their support SLAs, ensuring their support staff focuses on advanced use cases that cannot be automated.

If your Customer Experience or Customer Support team have too many tickets and issues on their plate, we'd love to show you how Plantt can help you reduce the workload, and make your automation useful to your customers. Feel free to contact us directly at, or try our discovery tool for free, here.

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