The Ultimate Tagging Cheat Sheet

December 20, 2020

Customer communication holds valuable information that can help identify sales opportunities, analyze customers' health, and ensure growth.

By tagging your communication, you can provide valuable information to your Customer Success teams. It can help them monitor the customer's health score, understand what's their current status, see who requires attention, who's ready for expansion and who might be at risk of leaving.

Here are the top topics and tags you should focus on when tagging customer communication:

Expansion Opportunities

Your 2 main questions:

  • Is this customer ready for an upgrade / upsell?
  • Is the customer using all of the product’s features?

Usage Tags:

Using Features - [NameofFeature]

Not Familiar w/ Features - [NameofFeature]

Expansion Opp Tags:

Requires Existing Feature - [NameofFeature]

Relevant for UpSell - [NameofProduct], [NameofFeature]

Need Additional Features - [NameofFeature]

Churn Risk

Your 2 main questions:

  • Is the customer going to leave?
  • Does the customer see the value from the product?

Status Tags:

End of Contract

Churn Risk

Just Renewed

Communication Status Tags:

Requires Constant Assistance

Can't See Product Value - [ProductName]

Needs ReOnboarding

Requires CS Attention - [ProductName]

Product Features

Your 2 main questions:

  • Is this customer waiting for a feature? Which feature made the most impact?
  • Does this customer requires a feature to stay on as a customer?

Feature Status Tags:

Requires Custom Addons - [AddOnName]

Waiting for Feature - [FeatureName]

Expected Feature at Sign - [FeatureName]

Bug Report - [NameofProduct]

Importance Level Tags:

Demands Feature to Renew - [FeatureName]

Asking for Additional Features - [FeatureName]

Customers’ Happiness

Your 2 main questions:

  • What’s the current state of the customer?
  • What issues are my customers facing?

Sentiment Tags:




Topic Tags:

Billing Inquiry


Product Question

Health Check

Feature Request

Technical Support

Best Practices

Your 2 main questions:

  • Does this tag include all of the relevant information needed to understand the issue?
  • Can this tag provide additional value to other members across the company?

Feature Tags:

Relevant Product - [ProductName]

Relevant Feature - [FeatureName]

Department Tags:

Requires Customer Success - [FeatureName]

Requires Sales - [FeatureName]

Requires Dev - [FeatureName]

Requires Product - [FeatureName]

Final Thoughts

There's a lot of information in your customers' communication channels. By adding the right and relevant tags, your Customer Success teams can gain valuable and actionable insights, allowing them to know when they need to reach out to a customer and what topic should lead the conversation. It might be the secret ingredient that can help you and your team provide the best customer experience possible.

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