Supercharge Your CX and CS Teams with Plantt and Zendesk Sunshine Conversations

November 11, 2020

We're excited to announce our partnership with Zendesk Sunshine Conversations! By harnessing both platforms' power, businesses can now manage their customers' conversations everywhere, anytime, without compromising on the experience they're delivering.

plantt and zendesk

Bringing the Conversation to the Customers

The world is moving faster than ever, and customers are demanding multiple ways and channels to interact with businesses. Businesses are aware of the growing demand and are utilizing different platforms to help them take the conversations to where their customers are - whether different chat channels, social media platforms or anywhere else.

Zendesk Sunshine Conversations offers a unified platform for your customer communication, to keep the conversation going. Adding Plantt on top of that ability will allow companies to not only communicate anywhere, but to communicate better than before.

Create a Human-like, Tailor-Made Conversation

Plantt’s partnership with Zendesk Sunshine Conversations can help businesses be available to customers anywhere, anytime and provide the right answers and solutions.

Plantt, the AI companion for Customer Experience and Customer Support leaders help deliver the best experience possible to their customers, tailor-made to their specific needs.

Plantt does that by analyzing, routing and automation conversations with AI.

Plantt is a self-learning platform that analyzes your conversations and learns how your customers are interacting with your brand, discover bottlenecks, and automate communication.

Our key features include:

  • Learning what customers are asking in real-time
  • Identifying recurring, common questions and interactions that can be automated
  • Creating AI-powered conversational flows, that help provide the right answers
  • Automatically tagging and routing any conversation as soon as they arise
  • Sentiment analysis for every message to understand the customer tone
  • Answer FAQs automatically as soon as they’re asked

Plantt, combined with Zendesk Sunshine Conversations, provides businesses the ideal experience, at scale, without compromising on anything along the way.

Once added to Zendesk, Plantt can help teams reduce their workload and improve customer experience in a matter of days. To be more specific, it can save about 80% of the spend on support, and improve SLAs by more than 65%.

Get started with Plantt and Zendesk Sunshine Conversations, here.

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