Text Component

A Text Component is a collect component, best used for textual input that isn't offered in any other predesigned Collect Components. A good example of this would be a client name.

The difference between predesigned Collect Components and the Text Component is that in predesigned components, Plantt’s Conversational AI will expect a specific input format from the customers. For example a date, email address, order ID or phone number. The Conversational AI will recognise if the customer’s input format doesn’t match and show a Retry Error message. In the case of the Text Component, your customers can enter general textual input with varying format. 

Add a Text Component

You can add a Text Component to your automation by selecting the Text Component in your Components Panel and dragging it into your canvas. 

Edit your Message

To edit the message of your Text Component, just click inside its box or enter edit mode by clicking on settings on the component’s header you can also add an image, a video or any kind of media.

Using the Input of a Text Component

After your customers enter an input in response to your message, their input is saved. Their input is then saved as a variable so that you can easily integrate it into your flow at a later point. You can use this data for various purposes such personalisation, engagement and even in order to forward  information to a different platform with one of the action componentsComponents.



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