Menu Component

The Menu component is a router component used to navigate your conversation with the customers and to control their conversational experience.

The Menu component allows you to present your customer with a question followed by  a number of response options, or vice-versa. The customer’s  answer (input) is then used to  branch the conversation into sub-canvases. In order to navigate between your options’s sub-canvas, click on an option inside the component.  Drag and drop components into any of the sub-canvases based on the conversation branches that you want to create.

 Just remember not to drag other router components in the sub canvas.

Editing Menu Options

Each menu can be composed of endless options, and you have the freedom to decide what they will be. Menu options can be added from within the component itself or from the component’s settings menu.To add an option, simply click the plus sign (+) and name your new option.

To add more variations for each of your options, open the option’s settings menu and edit, add or remove variations. 

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