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Automations let you add automations to your conversational AI, so your clients can get information and perform actions based on the user intents. You can easily personalise the automation without the hassle of decision trees, flow charts and writing any line of code.

In this article
1. Creating automations
2. Automation Editor Overview
3. Editing and publishing automations

Creating automations

To create an automation go to the automations page, from the websites menu.

You can create automations in three ways:

Once created an automation you can edit it in the same way you style any other automation and components.

Automation from Discovery

Plantt gives suggestions of what automations are recommended for you, based on your data. That way you can be sure that you are running the most accurate automations tailored for your business and clients needs.

Automations from Library

We also offer a library of pre designed automations, to get you started. This means you can save time and only customize the flow of your automation and its content to match whatever conversational experience your brand calls for.

Blank Automations

Blank automations are empty automations, this gives you the option to build automations from scratch.

Automation Editor Overview

Once you create automation, you’ll be redirected to the automations page. In case you want to access an automation you have already created go to the automations page and tap on the desired automation.

When entering the automation you will see the navigation panel on the left - there you can navigate between automations and follow up questions. 

On the right are the settings, from there you can add components to the canvas, that's where you build the conversational experience which starts with a trigger event  (usually the user inquiry) and components. More about this.

Lastly notice the simulator, where you can test your automations!

Editing your automations

The automation is built out of an intent and components. When you first open an automation you’ll there is some basic structure, an intent and some components. If the automation is blank only an empty intent will appear.

On the right side you can open the components menu to add a component. To edit or add an intent click the intent square and add an intent from there.

You can change the name of this automation however you’d like, just click on its name and edit it.

Automations are saved automatically, but when you are done editing your automation, do not forget to publish it by using the publish menu. 

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